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Recent developments

A campaign ‘Keep Me Posted – O Direito à Escolha do Cidadão” was launched in September 2019. The campaign advocates for consumer’s freedom to choose how they want to receive important information.

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in Portugal in 2018, 23% of domestic households do not have internet access in 2018.  Moreover, in the age group 65 and older, two out of three Portuguese do not use the internet; and in addition, 30% of the unemployed do not use the internet.

  • Information and link: Keep Me Posted – O Direito à Escolha do Cidadão (


“Keep Me Posted – O Direito à Escolha do Cidadão”The campaign aims at raising awareness among Portuguese citizens on their freedom to choose how to receive their invoices, election or governmental documents, financial statement from service providers and administrative information, without penalties or extra fees. To inform Portuguese consumers, the campaign calls on them to sign-up as a supporter. The partnersCTT Portugal Post, APIGRAF and CELPA

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