• "…it is the right for every citizen to be allowed to freely..."Russell, UK |
  • "To receive information in the way the receiver prefers should be everyone’s..."Martin, Belgium |
  • "… my parents do not have internet access and will never have…"Christian, Germany |
  • "…I’ve lost control of those bills since I stopped receiving them in..."Thibault, Belgium |
  • "I strongly disagree with the coercive ways that utilities and insurance companies..."Donal, Ireland |
  • "…This should not be tolerated."Oliver, Germany |

Why this campaign?

Keep Me Posted EU is a consumer campaign promoting the citizen’s right to choose how they receive important information such as tax forms, election documents and bills and statements from service providers without any disadvantage. It is inspired by the UK campaign, Keep Me Posted UK and directed at the European Institutions. We gather support of consumer groups and charities that are representing citizens that may be disadvantaged by a lack of choice or simply do not agree with it.

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